Wednesday, June 29, 2016

End of School Year Celebrations

Congratulations to our Fifth Graders who participated in a wonderful Moving On Ceremony 
The Lincoln School Clap Out Tradition

Please enjoy looking at the program from the Moving on Ceremony.

A Special Thank you to all of the Staff Members and Parent Volunteers for making this such a memorable event!

Clapping Out Tradition
For those of you new to the school, The Clap Out is a wonderful Lincoln tradition.  Approximately 5-10 minutes before dismissal on the last day of school, each class in grades K - 4 
line the hallways and join together with the other classes on that floor to form two long lines of students and teachers.  

At dismissal time, the fifth graders proceed out of the school building, passing through the third floor hallway first, then the second, finally the first floor and out the main entrance of the school. 

During this send-off procession, students and staff clap for the fifth graders to congratulate them on their graduation.  Many offer high fives as well!  The fifth graders get to visit each floor, see many familiar faces, and wave goodbye to past teachers/staff.  It is really a lovely and emotional parting tradition!  Fifth grade family members also join in this tradition and line the first floor hallways and the front entrance to the school.   

Have a wonderful Summer!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Last Days Of School

Principals For the Day

Bella Wark, Grade 2

As Principal for the Day, Bella declared June 17, Camp Day!  Students wore their PJs to school.  They also brought in their favorite stuffed animals, sleeping bags and played board games.  Bella also read the book,  Knuffle Bunny to Ms. Zermani's Kindergarten Class and she also assisted Ms. Clough with many other duties throughout the day.

Ellen Stewart, Grade 5 

As Principal For the Day, Ellen declared June 21, Disco Day at Lincoln School.  Many students and staff dressed up in "Groovy" outfits!  Ellen also helped administer RULER surveys to kindergarten students and she assisted Ms. Clough with planning and preparing for the All School Assembly.

Ms. Flaherty and her Second Grade Students
These Boots Were Made for Walkin! 

Ms. Bowman's Second Grade Students
Feeling Groovy!
Ms. Nagles' First Graders
Showing their Disco Fever!

Have a Wonderful Summer!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Field Day

Lincoln Field Day 2016

Are Your Ready?!!!!!!

Will Ms. Clough Get Dunked?  If so, How many times?!

Ms. Fitch  - What a Good Sport!

Fun Time Had by All!  

A Big Thank you to Ms. Cogan and Ms. Costello and All of the Parent Volunteers and Lincoln  Staff  for making Field Day so much fun!!!!

Congratulations to the Lincoln School Green Team ~ We've been awarded a Grand Prize of $200 gift card to Mahoney's to be used for garden supplies for the school!
Thank you all for your hard work!
Please Read Below -

Hello GREEN TEAM Teacher!

Congratulations on all the wonderful environmental activities you and your students completed this year!

We received sixty-six Teacher Response Forms, describing an impressive array of activities across Massachusetts. Many schools have started collecting wasted food in their cafeterias for composting, expanded recycling programs, built school gardens, and started compost bins! Students are learning about climate change, energy sources, air quality, endangered species, reducing waste, and more.

Certificates and prizes have been awarded and were mailed last week to all schools that submitted a Teacher Response Form. A total of 19 GREEN TEAM Grand Prize winners, listed below, were selected to receive a recycling show, environmental concert, or garden supplies for their schools.

Attention All Parents:
Opportunity for Education and Information session on Head lice

Lynn Vozzella, Lincoln School Nurse, will be offering a 45 minute educational  tutorial  about head lice.  Please come to learn how to detect and prevent this ancient adversary, as well as treatment options. Parents are responsible for checking their children on a regular basis for head lice.
Lynn will be available to show parents what to look for and to review the Winchester district head lice policy.  

Please Remember….summer is in just 9 days and this problem will not go away when school ends. If left untreated, it will only get worse.  

This is a tutorial, not a clinic, so please make arrangements for childcare.
Please RSVP if coming via email

When:    Monday June 20th 8:45-9:30am
Where:  Lincoln cafeteria
Submitted by Lynn Vozzella