Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Please take a Peak at the wonderful Authors who visited Lincoln School
A Special Thank You To Ms. Toner and the Parent Volunteers who assisted in making this such a terrific learning experience for ALL!   

Deirdre Sullivan


Check Out Mentor Night 

Another Wonderful Lincoln Celebration of Student Learning!

Cake Decorating

Mentor:  Mr. Bellenoit


Mentors: Ms. Zingarelli-Adams and Ms. Shanklin

Creative Writing

Jewelry Making

Fashion Design


Want to Build A Computer?  Just ask Christian.  He knows ALL ABOUT IT!

The Doctor Is In!

 Sports Casting

Aerial Arts

Children's Book

DOG Training

Veterinarian Visit


Thank You to Meredith Knight and All the Volunteers for making STEAM NIGHT such a spectacular event! 

Full STEAM Ahead on Thursday March 9th 2017 was an amazing success! We had lots of fun programming robots with McCall Middle school students, playing with LEDs with the FIRST robotics team from Winchester, learning how to be green with the Lincoln Green Team, making augmented reality “sandscapes" with the Cambridge Science Festival, tessellating quilt squares with the Studio on the Common, learning about recycling from NE Coca Cola Distributors, imagining buildings with Boston Properties, making squishy circuits with Tufts Center for Engineering Education Outreach, seeing robotic vacuums with iRobot, making amazing math with Russian School of Math, investigating fabrics with Beyond Benign, making rubber band guitars with Winchester Community School of Music, engineering LEGOs with the Winchester Public Library, making balloon rockets with Zaniac, and our favorite and most unlikely activity - stacking red cups into amazing structures and then knocking them down! :)

If you enjoyed the event and want to become involved in STEAM night and other STEAM related activities at Lincoln, please send an email to STEAM co-coordinator Meredith at We look forward to hearing *your* ideas!

Congratulations to the winners of the raffle prizes (see below) - thanks to Microsoft for the grand prize, Zaniac for the gift backpack, and to Meredith Thompson for her donation of the science kit prizes and science themed coloring books and markers. 

science/ engineering kits
Marc Predel - Star Wars Tie Fighter paper model kit - Ms. Cirame - K
Grace Bartlett - Zaniac Bag - Ms. Nagle - grade 1
Cristaki Kolias - Weather Monitoring Kit - Ms. Duval - grade 2
Elvira Barney - Color Mysteries Science Kit - Mrs. Fitch - grade 3
Christian Vietz - Tin Can Robot - Ms. McEleney  grade 4
Mary Ann Turkoevsky - Potato Clock - Mrs. Wallace - grade 5 

coloring books and pens
Quinn Hyzer - Cell coloring book - Ms. Zermani - K
Neel Shroff - Cell coloring book - Mrs. Kennedy - 1
Arianna Brooks - Cell coloring book - Mrs. Flaherty - 2
Mira Karukaranian - Optical Illusions coloring book - Mrs. Thomashow - 3
Jane Baker - Optical Illusions coloring book - Mrs. McBride - 4
Leo Arone - Optical Illusions coloring book - Mrs. Hunt - 5