Friday, April 13, 2018

Health Fair Day at Lincoln School


Health Fair Day is Awesome!

Thank you Ms. Cogan for Making Health Fair Day Extra Special!!!

Thank you Parent Volunteers!

Thank you Ms. Vozzella for Making Health Fair Day so much Fun!


Ms. MacLeod, Ms. Pollack, and Ms. Micciche join in the Fun!

Ms. Wallace  also Joined us to teach Mindfulness!

Ask Your Children about Mindful Moods!


Nutritious SMOOTHIES!

Healthy Teeth



Teaching EAR Safety, Ms. Bishop and Ms. Lanz


Healthy Art

Martial Arts

Learning about The Dangers of  Smoking

Health Fair Thank You!
We would like to thank everyone for such a team effort in making this year’s
Health Fair such a success!
 Thank you to the students who were so well behaved and
asked great questions!

Thank you to all the Lincoln staff who ran such informative and important stations!
Ms. Sue Costello- Healthy Art,  Mrs. Kathy Lanz and Mrs Pam Bishop- Ear safety
Mrs Julianne Duval & Mrs Lisa Fleming- Healthy Smoothies
Jason Cacciapuoti (WHS wellness) - Nutrition and Exercise
Mrs Tricia Wallace- social / emotional mindful mood stations.
Thank you to our wonderful parents who ran a health station!
Mrs Lauren Froeb- Yoga

Thank you to all the local vendors who supported our health fair and volunteered their time!
Brian Sweetster- Bay State Martial Arts Woburn,
Freddy Gonzalez- Freddylive Fitness- Woburn,
Kristen Fluery- Zumba Instructor
Pediatric Dental Association- Healthy Teeth
Maureen Buzzby- Education on Tobacco  
Boston vs Bullies organization

Thank you to all the parent volunteers who were so helpful at each station:
Anna Tonry, Deb Bastien, Laura King, Jennie Honda, Mara Kunst, Julie Condron,
Tracey Dengler, Kerry Pescatore, Laura Sullivan, Heather Mango, Branda Wilhoite,
Janine DeChristoforo, Noelle Morreale, Stephanie Mitchell.

And a special thank you to our health fair parent co-chairs:
Julie Houllahan and Susan Morse.
We could not have done this without your organization and behind the scene efforts!
(Submitted by Mrs. Cogan and Mrs. Vozzella)