Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cafe and Daily Five Literacy Model 
Presented by Lincoln Teachers and Students
At The School Committee Meeting November 24, 2015

Ms. Hunt, Ellen and Eddie Stewart, and Ms. McEleney

Teacher Appreciation 
Special Delivery - Breakfast On A Cart

Ms. Clough and Ron, Front Office Volunteer

Ms. Costello and Mr. Baker
Ms. Toner

Morning Announcements
Will, Harrison, and Mathew
Fifth Grade Morning Announcers

We Have Much to Be Thankful For!

Please take a look at the wonderful philanthropic activities our staff and students have been participating in to support Lincoln families and surrounding communities!  Please join me in thanking our School Nurse, Lynn Vozzella for organizing and implementing The Lincoln School Food and Clothing Drives.    Also, Thank You to all of the families and staff members who donated food items and clothing.  Twenty-three families in need will receive complete meals on Thanksgiving.   We were also able to raise over $400.00 for Stop and Shop Gift cards.

Fifth Grade Student Volunteers - Clothing Drive

Fifth Grade Student Volunteers - Food Drive

"Trot Trot To Lincoln"

Thank you to The Lincoln Green Team Committee Members for Organizing the Walk To School Day
and Thank you to all of the students who participated in this fun Trot!

What Lincoln School is Thankful For!

Lincoln School Library

 Ms. Nagle's Grade 1 Classroom

Ms. Buteau's K Classroom

Ms Swymer's Grade 4 Classroom
Ms. Cirame's K Classroom

Ms. Thomashow's Grade 3 Classroom
Ms. McLeod, Ms. McElaney, and Ms. Caputo's Grade 4 Classrooms

Ms. McEleney's Grade 3 Classroom

Ms. Samson's Grade 1 Classroom

Ms. Wallace's Grade 5 Classroom

Ms. Bowman's Grade 2 Classroom
Ms. Fitch's Grade 3 Classroom

Ms. Blankenship's Grade 5 Classroom

Ms. Blankenship's Grade 5 Classroom

Ms. Flaherty's Grade 2 Classroom

Ms. Anzalone's Grade 2 Classroom

Ms. Kennedy's Grade 1 Classroom

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Lincoln School Is Energy Conscious and Efficient!

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Energy usage at Lincoln School has decreased 5% from last year to this year!  Thank you all for your efforts in this area!  This is a great trend and we would like to encourage everyone to continue to do the following to keep us energy conscious and efficient:
  • Please turn off all lights when leaving your room.  Students can be helpful in serving as "light captains" who are responsible for the lights each time you leave the room.
  • Please completely turn off computers and all electrical devises each day before you leave.
  • Unplug all computers and electrical devises prior to longer breaks ~ Thanksgiving; Winter vacation; February vacation; long weekends; etc. 
  • Continue to alert the custodians; Kelly; and myself if there are heating/cooling issues in your classrooms or specialty areas/offices.
  • Unplug appliances in the staff room when not in use.
  • We could consider consolidating the items in any refrigerators and/or cleaning them out prior to long breaks, so that they may be unplugged.
In terms of recycling: 
  • Please continue to foster ongoing recycling in your classrooms/specialty areas/offices.
  • Please have students empty your recycling bins into the large receptacle at least once a week.
  • See Lisa if you need a new Recycling Sign or Trash Sign that lists what goes into each.  I have copies for anyone who needs them.
  • We have marker recycling boxes on each floor - please encourage students to put dried up markers in a box.
Lisa Cormier
Assistant Principal

Walk To School Day Next Tuesday!

“Trot to Lincoln”
Tuesday, November 24th 8:15 - 8:30 AM

Please join us on the Main St. side of the school to sign the banner and get your Trot to School sticker.  Anyone who rides to school that morning, can participate by doing a lap around the playground.  We hope to see many Lincoln friends trotting to school on November 24th!

Cartoon, Fall, Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 19, 2015


NOVEMBER 19, 2015
Celia Principal for the Day
Celia and Ms. Clough
Celia Reading to Ms. Zermani's Kindergarten Classroom
Reading to Ms. Nagle's Grade 1 Classroom

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Parents - Looking for your child's coat, shirt, water bottle, lunchbox?

Come to the Lincoln School Lost and Found! 

All items left in the Lost and Found will be donated to a local clothes drive if they are not  picked up by Wednesday, November 25, 2015.    

We Need a Home!!!!!

Don't Forget About us!!!

Fire Safety Program at Lincoln School This Week


Fireman Josh, The Winchester Fire Department

Poster in Mrs. Kennedy's First Grade Classroom

BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK by our First, Second, and Fifth GRADE STUDENTS

Mark Making Wheel:  Helps students
choose different kinds of creative markings for
their art work
Topic Wheel:  If students get "stuck" or need an idea
he/she can spin this wheel

Students model various costumes for other students to paint and draw from

 Compliment Jar:  When Mrs. Kennedy's Class receives a compliment a
pom pom is placed in the jar, once filled to the top, the class will have
a celebration
"B" Bucket
Students in Mrs. Kennedy's Class get their name put in the "B" Bucket
when he/she does something positive  - Names are drawn each Friday
and a student receives a small token/prize
Mrs. Kennedy's First Grade Classroom - 
Demonstrating their appreciation for Veteran's Day 
Ms. Luem, ISS  (Instructional Support Staff) developed  a  lesson
with students and tied it to this activity